Nobody Is Watching - Right?

It has always been my position that the $300 million dollar “deficit” then first time gubernatorial candidate John Lynch campaigned on was phony. Now it is even more evident that this was the case because the $300 million dollar never showed up and Governor Lynch never “solved” it. Or much of anything else in two and a half years.

The liberal NH Center for Public Policy Studies projected $300 million dollar deficit Lynch and his media allies pasted former Governor Benson with was for the most part a projection that Medicaid money from the feds would not be part of the next budget cycle.

Well, some $265 million in Medicaid Enhancement Revenue money did come in and the “deficit” turned out to be a surplus. The NHCPPS projections in hindsight appear to have been nothing more than a nice donation to the first Lynch campaign.

But now, how ironically, Lynch may just get a chance to handle a $300 million dollar deficit – and maybe a few hundred million bucks more. Time to break out the magic rain slicker because something is inevitably going to hit the fan.

The Josiah Bartlett Center’s Supreme Allied Pocket Calculator Commander, Charlie Arlinghaus, has a new study out. Its based on of all things – facts.

If you are a Democrat thinking of re-election, with your right hand, click on the Josiah Bartlett Center’s web site at:

Then with your left hand covering your eyes, slowly spread your fingers apart and read the news about what over-spending and fake revenue projections will bring you in 2008!

If the Democrat plan is to spend New Hampshire into BOTH broad based taxes, well then you are almost there. Congratulations!