Manchester Mayor Guinta Had His Chance To Cut Taxes

But the tax and spend Democrat Aldermen beat him to it.

Don't you love it when there is a tax-cutting war going on between politicians? Check out Manchester.

We had the beloved "Mayor for Life" Bob Baines dumped into Elm Street by tax weary voters in November 2005 after an anti-tax campaign run by the young upstart - then and still - tax cutting Frank Guinta.

Guinta's election was the warning shot to NH politicians that there was a tax revolt going on up here in NH at the local level. Now it looks like the Democrat tax-and-spend Manchester Aldermen have jumped recklessly into the fray.

They have seen and raised mayor Guinta's recent budget cut by three. Dang that's good!

Here comes the sneaky part. The Democrat Aldermen are slashing (term used against conservatives) the Economic Account they created in 2002, by $3.5 million dollars.

This one time money will be used to create a "tax cut" of sorts. You see if the budget in place is created of separate lines, and this is one of them, then you could argue that the reason the line is there is because it is needed.

The Economic Account line has $5.3 million in it for the supposed reason of purchasing one time capital (big) projects.

So what the Aldermen are saying is that this account they created with real tax dollars, either raised through new taxes or not used to offset taxes, wasn't all that necessary after all! Or maybe it was cobbled together just to hold some extra 2002 cash that came in unexpectedly?

In any case, the "tax cut" the democrat Aldermen are giving away hires more employees who will have to be paid in the NEXT BUDGET!

So if a $3.5 million dollar capitol expense comes up, more money will be needed to pay for it AS WELL AS the payroll for the new employees, which will be tucked into the next budget.

Mayor Guinta could have pulled a fast one on the Aldermen and pulled THIS TRICK:

He could have taken the last of the Economic Account and given taxpayers an even bigger tax cut than the phony one the Aldermen created.

But that wouldn't have been responsible, would it.