Governor Huckabee in NH

Presidential candidate Governor Mike Huckabee visited our Coalition of New Hampshire taxpayers office yesterday.We had a chat in our Grassroots Training room. The Governor had State Senator Bob Clegg "His Cleggness" as I call him, in tow. CNHT had several Directors there as well as State Rep Paul Hopfgarten who was a founding CNHT Director.

Gov. Huckabee is the son of a fireman and the South. He is a Baptist minister, pro-life, second amendment guy. All this makes him comfortable in his own skin as well as campaigning among your average American voter. He also has a record of gaining sizable support among African Americans in Arkansas as well. I myself don't like partitioning off segments of people by race as campaigns always to with targeted messages so I was encouraged to hear Gov. Huckabee explain that the message of success with this minority is the same as with anyone, safe neighborhoods, better schools, opportunity, just bring it sincerely.

And in the small world category...

Governor Huckabee once negotiated with ESPN II to bring Stihl Timbersports, the lumberjack competition I work on in the summer, to Arkansas a few years back. Stihl Timbersports used to be a regular in Branson Mo. and we became a big hit there at silver Dollar City. Gov Huckabee didn't get Timbersports to Arkansas but he did know of the woodsman competitions in his state and named a few. I gotta like that.

We discussed illegal immigration. Governor Huckabee's position is that he is a supporter of strict closure and protection of borders. He has learned from campaigning that immigration is an issue all over America and talked about being open to addressing the "anchor baby" problem we have where illegal immigrants put down roots with children born here.

He also talked about the school funding suit Arkansas had while he was governor - shades of New Hampshire, a long list of challenges and court orders.

After Gov. Huckabee talked to the people at our office about we taped a radio program for CNHT Taxpayer Radio WLMW 90.7 at the WKXL Studio here in Concord.

I took the chance to ask a few "Clinton" questions such as did they steal the furniture from the Governor's mansion in Arkansas when they left. Governor Huckabee is too much a gentleman to egg me on but did make this point:

No candidate is as prepared to debate Hillary Rodham Clinton on her past as he is.

And Hillary is all about her past isn't she.