Seat Belt In The wallet

Seatbelts Make Your Accident Safer!

And they raise a bundle for local police.

Case in point: Its National Click It Or Ticket Month!

I read a great article in the May 4 edition of the Boston Herald about the “Click It Or Ticket” federal grant some Massachusetts towns received and are going to put to use on Rt. 3. They are going to beef up patrols and have a "no tolerance" position regarding seat belts.

Why? (Besides the police overtime.)

Several reasons are given.

One is the large number of “road rage" incidents, heavy traffic, and weather.

Another excuse for the federally paid for, stepped up enforcement is tragic.

Recently, five teenagers had a horrible crash in Leicester Ma. Four of them died after hitting a tree at 70 miles per hour in a 2007 Toyota Scion. It is thought they were traveling so fast because they were trying to beat a midnight curfew.

It appears from the photo of the accident that the Scion the teens were driving was a tC model which according to Toyota comes with:

‘Like all 2008 Scions, the tC comes standard with front dual stage airbags, front seat-mounted side airbags, front and rear side curtain airbags, tire pressure monitor system, headrests, three-point seatbelts in all five seating positions and a first aid kit. The tC also features a driver's knee airbag.’

All the teens that died, tragically, in the Leicester crash, used as an excuse to ticket drivers not wearing seatbelts - were in fact wearing seat belts.

So the article the Boston Herald was writing about had some facts missing. The fact is seatbelts had nothing to do with this crash. Neither did airbags, even though they sometimes go off without even having an accident.

A curfew for teen drivers was the reason the teens were speeding in the airbag infested, three point seatbelt bearing, Scion tC. But now ALL Ma. drivers will suffer heavy fines for not putting on a seatbelt and falling into compliance, which according to state statistics is 90%. Massachusetts is shooting for a 92% compliance record.

Click It Or Ticket looks to me like a simple scam for more federal dollars. That is why our new Democrat legislature wants us to be more like their idol, Massachusetts. It’s always about the money and control.

In this case though, it appears someone is using the unfortunate death of four teenage drivers as cover.

So how much safer will the next car load of teenagers really be after we ticket, and tax, and spend?

Not much, if they watch their road rage parents drive like nuts. That's the real problem.