The Republican National Committee has had to lay off all of its phone bank fundraisers because of lax financial support by rank (or should I say, rankled) and file Republican donors.

Well shucks, that’s a good thing!

I mean if you are a free market believing organization like the Republican Party claims to be this would telegraph to you what the rankled and file are thinking, right?

Let’s see, could it be illegal immigration, or what I like to call the “colonization” of our country by a foreign invader? Do you think so?

When people hang up on you after complaining about NO enforcement of immigration laws do you think the RNC has a clue as to what that means?

But I hear the amount of money raised by Republicans has not dropped off even though the rankled and file are abandoning the process.

Could it be the large corporate donors are making up the difference?

Too bad large corporate donors don’t vote but once. Bye, bye base – again.

Don’t laugh Democrats.

Your criminal corporate sugar daddy George Soros only votes once as well and there are a whole lot of moonbats out there who thought you would "bring home the troops" and "impeach Bush" the day after the election.

You Democrat leaders have to keep these angry/crazies happy until after '08.

I think you have the tougher job.

The rankled and file Republicans may stay home next time - unless you know who in a pantsuit waddles to the finish line.