The NEW New "Blue" Hampshire

I was out of town for the last few days driving a truck to Iowa and back to NEW New Hampshire and in the process I noticed all the nifty mottos other states have and how out of date our "Live Free or Die" slogan has become.

So I think I have come up with the perfect new liberal "blue" slogan for New Hampshire, since not too much of the liberal agenda has become law yet.

Seat belts didn't make it, the liberal cowards took the income tax bill a new state rep. crafted off the table, the gun bill exploded, motorcycle helmets are waiting for next year, the Right to Know law "reform" is weak to useless, no boat speed limits yet, and so on.

The real achievement of the Democrats other than a huge deficit has got be homosexual marriage and repealing parental notification.

So how about this for a NEW "Blue" New Hampshire motto:


That about sums it up nicely.