DOT's The Way NOT To Do It

Congratulations to Fosters Daily Democrat for penning an editorial mentioning the fact that new Lynch appointee, DOT Commissioner Charles O’Leary, was the DOT Commissioner back in 1990-96 DURING THE TIME SPAN of state employees dumping toxic lead paint under DOT building foundations.

They came up with this timely editorial two days after I wrote mine here on making the same point, but that is still good work for any of NH’s pulp mafia. Congrats Fosters.

I would like to report more about what is going on with the paint chip scandal but I am having a small problem. The AG’s office I visited twice so far has not been able to give me the so-called report they worked on 15 months. Tough job it seems. It must take a department head to walk it across the room.

The first visit to the AG’s office I made was on Wednesday. I was told they would call me at one of two numbers I gave them. No call.

I went back yesterday and, lo and behold, the person who gives the report to peons like me is “in court for two days”. So now I have to wait until Monday next week for a report some “real” news people apparently already have. Plus by then we may have new excuses for not handing out a simple booklet.

Until then, lets talk about why the 1990-1996 Commissioner of the Department of Transportation who was in charge during the 1980 – 2005 illegal dumping of lead paint is being allowed to clean up the mess now.

If this lead paint scandal, and that is what it is, a scandal, as much as former Governor Benson raking sand on the beach in front of his house, is to be “cleaned up” shouldn’t it be done by officials with an once of credibility?

Governor Lynch appointed, with the blessing of the Governor’s Council, a DOT Commissioner who was apparently unaware of what was going on under his nose when he was commissioner during the dumping. Governor Lynch makes this same guy head the DOT while the paint chip investigation was either just finishing or still going on.

Hey Mr. Ethics Governor! The former DOT Commissioner, Carol Murray, did the right thing and turned the illegal lead dumping info over to the AG. Even though our AG’s office isn’t the most reputable gang one could hope for, at least it was a start.

How about having some real ethics Governor Lynch and appoint an unbiased special investigator to finish the job?

O’Leary isn’t the guy.