What to make of polls.

Polls are often used to judge what the public thinks or may do at any given time. Many "news" sources use polls to disparage their opponents. I like to call it "death by a thousand polls".

Here in NH we wait for the outcome of the next presidential primary and the next election, much as we have since after the last election - from the day AFTER the last election.

By constantly reporting on self-generated news stories about polls, media outlets can undercut anyone who may have just been elected by immediately polling to see who will run against him, as though he is irrelevant already. Or polls can be designed to show how fast the public has become disillusioned with the new official the media doesn't support.

Favored politicians or groups rarely suffer bad polling data or have their agendas questioned.

But in New Hampshire, presidential polls in particular no longer have any meaning. They are absolutely a shot in the dark.

Here is why.

Our state, through lack of enforcement of election law, encourages voter fraud in NH on a grand scale. In fact, the new Democrat majority has been busy undercutting any way of documenting who votes in NH, so remaining laws will be totally unenforceable. It started last year with HB391 and is in full swing now.

In 2004, some 677,000 voters cast ballots in the presidential race.

Mixed in with that number were 96,000 same-day registrants, 10% of whom are not traceable within two weeks, from results of ours and others attempts at contacting them by mail in Keene, Dover, Laconia, and some other places over the years. Many others of the 96,000 are non-residents, or what are known as "residents in their mind for a day" voters.

So unless your poll is calling people who are not registered yet, but may register on the spur of the moment, what does it really mean?