Does This Hammer And Sickle Make My Butt Look Fat?

I would say the communist symbols on trendy Hollywood fashions make Cameron Diaz look LIKE an ass. The liberal twit goes to Peru with some Chairman Mao gibberish on her handbag and, not unexpectedly, tweaks the sensibilities of some of the people who live in that country. It seems some 70,000 Peruvians were, lets say, were given an early sendoff to the end of their lives by a failed communist takeover by the gorilla comrades of the communist Shining Path.

When you try to understand it all and put it in actress perspective, Cameron does garner a bit of sympathy. She only runs into Hollywood communists, the wine and brie cheese types who live on trust funds or high paying entertainment careers.

The local Peruvians are more inclined to meet a machete or gun wielding comrade intent on slitting your throat if you don't damn well soon believe in a communist workers paradise - like they do in Hollywood. And again for Cameron's sake you need to understand how more “green” Peru is now that 70,000 less people are hogging up the scarce resources. Ms. Diaz is a big enviroyuppie.

Looking at it this way, communism has for almost 100 years been helping the planet heal by eliminating millions of humans all over the planet, many of whom just lay on the ground and return to nature without creating acres of unsightly cemeteries.

Maybe I’m the one who is all wrong about communists. We must have a college professor state rep here in New Hampshire who would know. I should ask him.