Takes A Lot Of Crystal Balls

Last year it was two black eyes. This year a bloody nose. Next year who knows what, but I know it will not die easily. The stakes are too high. No, HB 377, this year’s version of last year’s HB 676 just took a beating again but is not “dead” dead.

 It is so hard to subvert the New Hampshire Constitution when your not the State Supreme Court. It takes multiple attempts and a lot of smooth talking. Because… people don’t like it when you try to gut The Right To Know Law.

So its back to the drawing board for the Municipal Association’s Cordell “No I’m not a forced labor camp escapee” Johnson and the two members of the illustrious NH Bar, Peter Smith of Durham, and John Lassie of Deering. These three will just have to come up with some new scare tactic to get what they want—secret meetings by telephone and e-mail between public officials. Sorry boys!

And while you were busy trying to “fix” RSA 91-A, CNHT helped some taxpayers in Windsor (for the second time) win a right to know case that will force that town to reveal how much in taxes was abated, collected, and or lost, between 2000 and 2006. We won our costs as well. Thanks for nothing Right To know Commission. See you next year.