Death Tourists?

If I am reading the news from Switzerland correctly, and there is no translation glitch, it seems there is some disturbing news in the “death with dignity” community.

Does the term “trigger happy” come to mind?

Here is how Swiss death with dignity is supposed to work:

You show up in Switzerland as a “death tourist” and announce you have an incurable disease that requires you to be put down. Then some shrink and a few doctors have a look and if all is NOT well you get a death cocktail of gunk to drink – on your own. (Actually serving a person the hemlock seems to be off limits for now – some small moral dilemma maybe?)

Well the slippery slope that goes along with all this type of progressive behavior, euthanasia, abortion, cloning, finally showed up - as it always does.

Some of the clinic employees have been administering the cup of soup pronto, on the spot, without a “professional” being involved. Surprise! Who would have guessed? (Probably those stodgy religious types.)

So now the Swiss prosecutors are stepping in because after each euthanizing comes a medical exam of the client, some of which have been revealing the fact that a few of the customers were only depressed, not in an incurable medical condition. Talk about having a bad vacation.

Maybe they only needed a sex change? Or like me, a prehensile tail. I get depressed about not having a prehensile tail once in a while.

Good old socialized/progressive “free” health care, costing one life at a time.

But there is more!

In the UK, the national healthcare system has announced that if you are a smoker who does not quit – surgery will be denied, or delayed. And when you stand in line for surgery to begin with, well what’s the old saying, “surgery delayed is surgery denied”.

So lets ball this all up in one neat package.

You are a British smoker – you need surgery – you don’t quit – no surgery – you are going to die – you go to Switzerland – you are healthy except you need surgery – they refuse to kill you…now you’re screwed.

But you have free health care.