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Our new liberal Democrat controlled everything here in New Hampshire only has but look south for inspiration. Why it’s a progressive nirvana down there in the land of cheap property taxes and broad-based inspiration for more spending.

Massachusetts, 85% Democrat and proud of it.

But every once in a while a blip appears on the radar screen. Last week I saw an article in the Globe about some Ma. towns that settled a discrimination lawsuit out of court. What could the discrimination problem have been? (Remember, this is Massachusetts.)

Was it about transsexuals needing health care? Could illegal aliens have sued for free college tuition? How about minors for the right to date ex-cons?

The towns are:
Ashland, Bedford, Belmont, Beverly, Boston, Brookline, Cambridge, Everett, Fall River, Leominster, Lynn, New Bedford, North Adams, North Andover, Quincy, Revere, Sharon, Southbridge, Taunton and Waltham.

Can’t guess what type of discrimination would happen in good old liberal/progressive Massachusetts?

Nothing fancy, it was a simple case of the police and firefighters exams bring rigged against Blacks and Hispanics, that’s all. The tried and true, old-fashioned, Jim Crow tactics that have been around since we freed the slaves to become political pawns.

Those whacky Democrats. They thought they could get away with some good-old-boy networking with the “came over on the Mayflower” crowd for some high pay, early retirement gigs on the public dime, but better luck next time.

At least no one had to plead guilty to anything like even close to a Federal crime.

Take our old pal Tom Finneran and his stint with Maptitude.

The former Speaker of the Massachusetts House, Maptitude Dude, convicted felon, and now talk show host, got bagged trying to gerrymander some districts to weaken the voting power of, you guessed it - Blacks and Hispanics.

The Maptitude soft ware is hard on minorities if used in Finneran fashion.

Check out this portion of their web site regarding what Maptitude can do for you, or in this case, to you:

“Consolidated Precincts

Create a consolidated precincts layer that combines precincts that have a common polling place for a particular election. Each consolidated precinct lists the number of voters, voters by party, and any other summary fields you choose such as language and ethnicity. The consolidated precincts report lists the address and phone number of the polling place as well as the precincts that vote there.”

Ah, Democrat “change” has come to New Hampshire. We look to the south for inspiration.