Take Deep Breath, That's Ethics You Smell

The Democrat Party, or the “Ethics Party” as they are now known, has a small problem on their hands. How do we get past Louisiana Congressman William Jefferson’s alleged bribe-taking?

Somehow or other he must have had $100,000.00 in marked FBI bribe money drift into his refrigerator in his home in New Orleans where the FBI eventually found the loot.

The fact that liberal Democrat Jefferson’s Washington 0ffice was searched by the Feds. is a great excuse for diverting the argument into some sort of constitutional issue, but it still looks bad.

Democrat bribemaster William Jefferson is too good a Democrat to lose to a lousy bribe scandal.

Maybe we don’t pay congressmen enough to live on. That could be the problem. He just needs a few extra bucks now and then.

I’ll bet it was a set-up by racists FBI agents – why not investigate THEM.

His heart was in the right place but his hand was in the wrong bag of marked bills.

It’s not too late to have Sandy Berger slip into the evidence locker in FBI Headquarters and shuffle a few papers around, right?

Did you notice all the ethical Democrats publicly demanding liberal Democrat William Jefferson step down?

They certainly have brought a breath of fresh air to Washington – the kind you smell around a newly cleaned barn.