Amendments Are Fleeting Things

People ask me which Education Funding Constitutional Amendment I am supporting.

Which one do I like?

There is a "Republican" amendment.

There is the one Rep Marge Smith pulled out of a hat twenty minutes after her first one went south.

Former State Rep. Paul Mirski has a new one. (I like whatever Paul writes.)

But in this case you might as well write it in Klingon or translate it into dolphin squeals.

We are talking about an education funding lawsuit, an education funding lawsuit. Which is like helping bank robbers plan an escape route.

Words mean nothing in a education funding lawsuit. It is theft by another means.

The fact that you are IN an education funding lawsuit and the court has not thrown it out establishes the fact that you are under the thumb of an unelected court that has chosen to step beyond its authority.

A simple check of what is in store, unless we fight back for real, is a mouse click away.

Courts in other states involved in this fraud usually appoint an expert to set costs. That means billions.

When the billions have no real effect on education, but are finally built into the system. The courts stop ordering more spending.

Elect a legislature that does not WANT this to happen and it will end.

By doing so you will keep the quality education local NH taxpayers have built with their own hands and dollars over the years.