Trial? Who Needs That

Two-faced hypocrites abound in the Democrats new “Most Ethical Congress in History”.

Out of all the liberal Democrats in the US House of Representatives, only ONE has asked bribmaster “Dollar Bill” Jefferson, just re-elected by his liberal constituents, (with 57% of the vote) step down for the good of the congress and country.

The one, single, only, Democrat with the nads to do this unheard of thing against another Democrat is Congressman Nick Lampson of – Texas. Figures.

Notice the two “change agents” from New Hampshire have not uttered a peep. They must want to hear all the evidence.

It wasn’t that long ago that Shea-Porker was the beneficiary of political ads showing a black and white Congressman Bass with a red hand. Now ethics are a bit trickier and it doesn’t FEEL so good to shout from the rooftops about how you are going to bring “change” to Washington. (Here is your big chance.)

Our pal, Democrat Dollar Bill Jefferson is up to a 16 count Federal indictment with his former bribe of $100,000.00 boosted by another $400,000.00 the feds say they can pin on him. Even the tip of this iceberg is expensive.

So why are his liberal sidekicks in Congress so slow to demand he step down?

Could it be because of the staunch support Jefferson has in the Black Caucus?

One Congresswoman, Rep. Stephanie Tubbs, has her own spin on the indictment. She wants no politicization of it by Republicans.

Not to worry. The press isn’t covering this at all. They are talking up the political hit Prosecutor Fitzgerald put on Scooter Libby. He was sentenced to two and a half years in a perjury trap about a phony secret agent and her con artist husband.

Now that is news!

A liberal Democrat Congressman takes millions in bribes for most of his 19 year career and we all hold our breath hoping he gets a fair trial.

I have to give credit to another Democrat congressman who almost has the juice to do the right thing.

Congressman Steve Kagen, out of Appleton Wisconsin. He had the guts to PUBLICLY ask Dollar Bill Jefferson to CONSIDER resigning. A stainless steel spine in that there guy. (Wanna bet they both get primaried?)

For five months the libs have dragged their feet regarding their crooked comrade from New Orleans, hoping it would all go away. Now they grudgingly opened their own “investigation”.

So out of some 233 Democrats in the House only ONE has asked their most notorious crook to step down and only ONE other democrat asked him to CONSIDER it.

The Most Ethical Congress in History takes off in a blaze of glory.