I Am Leaving "Comments On" For The Moon Howlers

The ongoing scheming by John Edwards and Hillary Clinton to limit the number of Democrat presidential candidates at future debates, caught live by FOX microphones left on after an NAACP forum, is commendable.

What is the fuss anyway? They are both Democrats – liberal, socialist, progressive, Democrats, who want power.

Most of all, they are both lawyers and both have US Senate experience, which means they are con artists by trade. Why not get rid of the other candidates – the “not serious” ones as they refer to them on the tape.

And if you are a liberal Democrat and can not wield the power you have, what good is it?

I say go for it! Take out the trash.

I am weary of Richardson, he looks like the bumbler everyone knows he is.

Kucinich is in ego-trip-land from Venus and everyone knows that as well.

Joe Biden is the laughing stock of the Senate and the press. His IQ has always been in question. Hair plugs do not enhance thinking skills. Poor Joe is proof of that.

Dodd? Come on.

Gravel - or was it Gravel?

Get on with it and let’s have a real dogfight between the upper class of liberal candidates.

(But be careful not to make fun of the minority candidate Ted Kennedy calls Usama)