Well, A Half A Brag Is Better Than None

Governor Lynch touts his recent achievement record in a press release I find a tad light on hefty.
Here is some of the bla,bla, bla, that is repeated over and over again in his July 14, uttering:

“From making it possible for more children to graduate from high school, to raising the minimum wage for the first time in 10 years, to implementing a research and development tax credit, to setting New Hampshire on a course to get 25 percent of its energy from renewable sources by 2025, we came together to make this legislative session one of the most positive and productive in New Hampshire history.

As governor, I was proud to work with Democrats and Republicans to keep the promises we made and to make real progress on building a better future for New Hampshire and its families…” (notice he still sticks with that “non-partisan” theme)

Maybe I missed the part about the homosexual marriage bill he signed. That was historic.

No mention of repealing Parental Notification. Some of us noted that as well.

And a big “where is it” for the 17.4% jump in Democrat spending. Oh the joy that brought about, but no chest beating from his corner lair (the one he is holed up in so that no legislator can figure out what is coming next).

There WAS a mention about LEAD PAINT! For Heaven’s sake!

“We acted to protect the health of our citizens. We passed a new law that will better protect children from the dangers of lead paint, one of the most dangerous - and preventable - public health hazards to kids.”

This quote is remarkable for its hypocrisy seeing his DOT Bridge Department has been burying LEAD PAINT in the floors of state buildings for almost 20 years. And Governor Lynch brings back a hack that was in charge of the department for six years of this illegal dumping to clean up the mess and the DOT image.

Cleaning up the image is basically having NH’s lapdog press ignore the lead paint scandal. All is going well on that front, and Lynch’s 135% approval rating, per numerous UNH polls of local liberals, is humming along smoothly.