I Think I Saw These Guys, They Were Wearing Socks And Sandals

I have been known to go to a gun show or two here in New Hampshire and I am on the Board of Directors of PRO-GUN NH. So this story peaked my interest.

Anti-Second Amendment agitator John Rosenthal of Stop Handgun Violence was on convicted felon Tom Finneran's WRKO radio program recently bragging about how his pals at the Boston Globe paid for him and Globe reporter Steve Bailey to try to purchase a gun at a New Hampshire gun show using the fictional “gun show loophole”.

The two approached a gun dealer at a NH show and asked if they could buy a gun as non-residents. They were turned down, according to their own statements on the Finneran program. (You can get a transcript from the show on WorldNetDaily.)

After being turned down they had a “friend,” supposedly a NH prison guard, with them who passed the background test and purchased the handgun for them. That “straw” purchase is a Federal crime. Ten years max.

So where is the prosecution? Will NH or Federal authorities pick up the ball?

And if like the story goes, The Globe paid for the illegal gun, where is it?

Massachusetts likes to blame NH for some of its “gun” crime. So how ironic is it that these goobers were bragging about their illegal purchase on a convicted felon’s very popular radio program. Maybe it would bump the WRKO ratings a bit if NH or the Feds tagged these idiots with a few years in jail or a nice fat fine.

Tom Finneran can steer the pair to a semi-successful criminal lawyer, I would imagine.