All I Need To Start Is About Ten Million

The news is that we are just anywhere from “months” to three to ten years away from creating “life” in a laboratory.

Nice story. A bit unbelievable but a real headline grabber nonetheless.

A group out of Italy called ProtoLife claims to be closing in on creating what the company’s CEO Mark Bedau is referring to as “synthetic life”.

Here is what he needs to complete his mission:

1. A container, or membrane, for the cell to keep bad molecules out, allow good ones and the ability to multiply.
2. A genetic system that controls the functions of the cell, enabling it to reproduce and mutate in response to environmental changes.
3. A metabolism that extracts raw materials from the environment as food and then changes it into energy.

I, on the other hand, am more interested in the perpetual motion machine I have been working on.

All I need are just two things:

1. A material that never wears out.
2. A limitless power source.

Of course we both could use one other handy item… a federal grant.

Why shouldn’t I have a nice big grant for my project, its just as far along as ProtoLife’s is.