Schlepping Through Epping

If I was going to write a sit-com about a small town in NH “Schlepping Through Epping” would do just fine as my title. Schlepping is by definition “dragging a heavy load”.

And the load is always heavy in Epping because the Epping Board of Selectmen contains some members who insist on getting their own message out to the public by any government method they can get away with, not to mention stifling any opposing view. (What could they possibly be afraid of?)

The forces of censorship in Epping NH have a dear friend in Selectman Jeffery Harris.

Here is all Selectman Jeffery Harris wants to see from a private group named “Epping Citizens For Principled Government” before they can have a link to a town maintained web site:


“Chairman Jeffrey Harris said before anything is approved, he would like to see a mission and a purpose statement for the group as well as a list of all of the members and how others can join the organization. A financial statement for the group would also be necessary, he said.”

What no finger prints? (By the way Jeffery, read the name of the group for a hint as to what their mission statement is.)

So in fact all Selectman Jeffery has done is pump more energy into Epping Citizens For Principled Government who are already in a federal court battle with their town over compelled speech violations Epping’s elected officials engaged in by using town publications to attempt to sway voters at their annual meetings.

Damned if it doesn’t look like elected officials in Epping deserve having a watchdog group breathing down their necks.

And when the legal bills come due and the town is divided up into several angry camps don’t forget to thank Selectman Jeffery.