Jeb, John, Carol and....

So far it is a two-way Republican primary for the NH First District Congressional seat currently held by a far left wing Democrat tax and spender.

The two Republicans running at this time are former Congressman Jeb Bradley and former NH Health and Human Services Commissioner John Stephen. Both are more than qualified to hold the position as far as I am concerned.

Then there is the issue of who between them can beat the tax and spender.

The current Congressperson, Carol Shea-Porker, as I like to call her, although the nickname “Carol Shea- Pelosi” does have a special ring to it, ran on a “stop the war” campaign.

Congressman Jeb Bradley got caught up in the anti-war sentiment of voters in the last election and lost this seat to the one issue political neophyte liberal, Shea-Porker.

Since spouting all the bluster of “ending the war," Shea-Porker has, as a congressman, voted for a ton of pork but hasn’t brought evan a ham sandwich back from Iraq.

Her anti-war sentiments never seemed to appear during the run-up to the ethnic cleansing and division of the Balkans her hero General Wesley Clark was certainly part of. But then what do you expect.

Back to her worthy opponents.

Shea-Porker is a ham-handed, brassy, in your face, campaigner – against an incumbent. But now she has a record to defend - A LIBERAL TAX AND SPEND RECORD!

So if you are Carol Shea-Porker, what to do with John Stephen?

No pro-war record there. John Stephen has spent four years managing the State of New Hampshire’s largest department as HHS Commissioner. This also brings with him some experience as to how Congress interacts with our state.

Against Shea-Porker’s firmly established tax and spend record and “everything bad is my opponent’s fault” campaign style John Stephen may prove an elusive target.