Hey Honey, Pass The Slander

Do we have a pattern here or a pattern of patterns?

The anonymous “Baghdad Diarist” who was writing anti-American articles for The New Republic magazine is one Scott Thomas Beauchamp. He has been “outed” as the author and fabricator of poorly written, supposed first hand accounts, of minor US troop atrocities against animals, dead bodies of Iraqis, and a disfigured US women soldier.

Beauchamp must be one lucky guy to get published in such a prestigious left wing magazine as The New Republic.

Hold on, it wasn’t that tough. His WIFE, Elspeth Reeve works at The New Republic. She is a reporter/researcher. What irony in that matrimony.

You know what else? Her goofy liberal stories (Google her name you can find them in old TNR articles) are eerily similar in style to her husband’s stories of psychopath soldiers enjoying other people’s suffering. Isn’t that quirky as well?

Doesn’t this husband wife attack team sound familiar?

Valerie Plame the phony secret CIA agent and her phony lying husband Joey Wilson pulled off the same ploy until they were caught.

Plame maneuvered her useless better half into a free “denounce the administration” trip to Niger. How else would this low level nobody, Wilson, get a free gig in Africa calling President Bush a liar.

It took a while and the blogosphere to uncover the Plame game and it may take a while to ferret out all the connections in this New Republic scandal as well.

The old saying “it takes two to tango” applies in both cases.

The news media was desperate for bad news about Bush and the yellowcake story. Wilson handed that story, epoch actually, to them on his family silver.

The New Republic is just as hungry for bad new about our troops actions in Iraq and could not resist the anonymous angle from within their own ranks.

Ah liberals, so predictable.

What’s the name of that “reporter” married to Alan Greenspan?