She's A Hsu-in!

Once again the Wall Street Journal is on top of the Hsu Democrat money laundering scandal that gives people who are interested in learning about Democrat progressives a glimpse inside their secret funding world.

Norman Hsu, the jobless convict, who for 15 years with no visible means of support, wines and dines and donates to liberal Democrat Governors like Elliott Spitzer of New York, Rendell of Pa. and Governor “Seat Belt” Corzine of New Jersey.

And don’t forget our little local liberal, John Lynch, who took convict cash from Hsu.

I look at Hsu as a walking, breathing, (at least he still is as of this writing, a situation I assume will not last for long) Geiger counter of liberals.

And who got the biggest bundle from Mr. Hsu? (Hint: Hsu’s newest title other than “prisoner” is “Hillraiser” – you can’t make this stuff up)

You guessed it! It’s the unstoppable beast from the "Arkansas Mafia" – Hillary Rodham Lynch Clinton.

At first HLRC was going to slide a $23,000.00 check under some liberal non-profits door, ring the bell and run, but now (after reading my on-target blogs?) she is going to return some $850,000.00 in bundled donations convict HSU unloaded on the gal recently.

And that brings me to some other thoughts I have.

The recent FOX debate featuring the non-Marxist candidates received the largest amount of viewers to date, 3.4 million or so.

This means the voters are somewhat interested in who is running on the Republican side which in a sense surprises me because as I ask people I know, non-political people, whom they are supporting the answer is almost always the same – anyone who can beat Clinton.

????? How does that reflect potential voter turnout I wonder?

And as I read the glowing letters to the editors supporting Clinton, the same thing always shines through – its almost exclusively WOMEN writing the letters as well as a smattering of high school girls who are star struck after her appearance at their school.

Can Clinton win an election with only the support of liberal women, high school girls, assorted Monica wanna-be’s, and Governor Lynch?

Maybe this explains the recent petition circulating in NH to draft – are you ready, Albert Gore!

Some of the angry-crazies on the left seem to smell a potential problem with the done deal of Clinton as the Democrat nominee.

I think it is like some kind of preemptive buyers remorse.

Another rock solid piece of political analysis:

Today I drove into Concord and DID NOT SEE a Kerry/Edwards bumper sticker – plenty of Massachusetts plates and 1-20-09 stickers but not a single Kerry/Edwards hanger on.

This means a lot of Saabs and Volvos have not made up their minds.

How will they behave after the coronation?