In Bow the Town is experiencing some growing pains.

One of the Selectmen – the new guy, has been stepping all over the apparent plan to tax the fixed income people into oblivion. Or at least Maine.

And so we have the “Street Light Named Desire” controversy. Everyone desires a streetlight.

In my Town of Deering we would vote to give an incompetent road agent any amount of money he could waste but spend three hours haggling over streetlights.

And it was an illegally signed, million dollar streetlight contract that chased municipal looter/city manger Paul Beecher out of Kansas City, Mo. and into NHMA and Dover. (Then on to Kingman, Arizona where he was fired August 10!!!)

I now rest my case that streetlights are important, but its really the clocks the Bow Selectmen should be worried about because tax fighting Selectman Tom Kean just cleaned theirs – again.

The good old boys in Bow must be using some outdated version of the “How To Crush The New Guy” playbook because Selectman Kean spanked them again Thursday evening.

The old ploy of “firing the elevator operator at the Washington Monument” to show the peon taxpayers how painful tax cuts are didn’t turn out to be the Statue of Liberty play for these guys. It backfired.

Tom Kean ran on a policy of fiscal responsibility. He was elected and proposed a LOWER RATE OF INCREASE IN THE PROPOSED BUDGET, which still turned out to be a 5% increase even after cutting some $400 thousand in PROPOSED spending.

The voters get it. The good old boys don’t – yet.

Stop playing games with the streetlights and take a hard look at town employee overtime like has been suggested by Selectman Kean.

No more gimmicks guys!

If I remember, it is some fella named Judd that is up for re-election in March.

Remember that name when you are sitting under your dark streetlight watching cruiser after cruiser drive by.