President Hillary Rodham Lynch Clinton

Welcome to Blue Hsu Hampshire!

Convicted criminals are involved in our political process here in New Hampshire? Oh my gosh!

The Prince of Hopkinton took money from a money laundering, convicted criminal, Norman Hsu, who has been on the run for 15 years. (Or was he subject to special favors from the authorities who were supposed to be looking for him?)

Never mind. It’s the connections that interest me.

Like how is anyone with a brain supposed to believe that Chinese money laundry man, Norman Hsu, gives (in exchange for nothing more than a warm feeling) at least $200,000.00 in traceable donations to Hillary and she doesn’t have people actively working the scam. Get real.

I don’t believe that for a second because that is how these deals work. Such as Hillary’s cattle futures deal where she is loaned a sum of money to “invest” and collects all market increases and a second party pays all the losses. Typical scam. Just like this one.

Norman Hsu has common people donate HIS money to candidates so he can become a major donor to Hillary—AND HER FRIENDS.

So there is your NH Governor John Lynch connection to Hillary all tied up in one little knot.

Now remember girls and boys. Every time you see Hillary Clinton you can be sure that right behind her (but just a wee bit shorter) and with his hand out for criminal cash, is our Blue Hsu Hampshire Governor, “Honest John Lynch.”

It doesn’t amaze me for a second that Hillary would take laundered foreign payoffs.

Democrat Party Chair Buckley—who cares. He is part of the same crowd.

But our ever so popular Governor who ran on a theme of a pending $300 million dollar deficit (which we now have) that turned out to be a Benson Surplus, and a promise to clean up corruption? The Governor who tipped off the Democrat Party four days before he told the Manchester Police about a letter he received from a landlord claiming kiddie porn was in the possession of one of his renters—the future Democrat Party Chair, would he take money from one of Hillary’s crooked cronies?

Apparently he has.

Doesn’t surprise me.

Lay down with the Clintons’ - behave like the Clintons’.