Stupid Is As Stupid Drives

So I am driving down I 93 just south of Manchester in my 1991 Geo Metro CNHT Mobile (three cylinders, 48 miles per gallon) and zipping past me was what appeared to be a blue and white Atkinson Police cruiser. A closer look showed it to be the Senior Transport Services Division of the Atkinson Police Department. Be still my heart.

Since the vehicle was moving along at a pretty good clip I thought, “Hey, why not find out how fast they are going.”

I flogged my little Geo (I love this car) until it maxed out at 84 miles an hour at the state weigh station, my speedometer maxes at 85, and could not keep up with the Atkinson Senior Services unit until Exit 3 where the cruiser looking, elderly taxi slowed down to take the exit.

As I passed the guy driving the police taxi I beeped my Geo horn and waved. That is when I noticed the driver had a little old lady in the front seat with him.

Nice move. Clear thinking, responsible.

I wonder what the liability is for going 20 miles an hour over the speed limit in a government vehicle, license # G15388, if you slam into someone or something with a citizen on board.

Wanna bet that would make this taxpayer funded vote buying scheme look pretty expensive.

With me, my puny Geo would hardly knock the bark off a tree if I went off the road but the head on the guy driving this police taxi appeared to weigh as much as my car. Think of the damage to others sharing the road.

So much for safely transporting the elderly to their doctor’s appointments.

That was the original excuse for this scam if I am not mistaken.

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