Show Me The Money Show Trial

In order to have a kinder and gentler Democrat Presidential Primary, a federal Judge has delayed the trial of NH Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter’s old pal from Louisiana, Congressman Dollar Bill Jefferson. Unfortunately for the Democrats who just re-elected him, knowing he was a crook – but THEIR crook, they have to put up with all this legal mumbo jumbo and unfair wheel spinning. Dollar Bill was to go on trial January 16, 2008. Now it will be February 25, 200…, about the time Guam has its primary.

Imagine having a criminal bribery and fraud trial for a prominent long-serving respected Democrat in the respected US Congress during a Democrat Primary already filled with racial tension between the first serious female (?) Democrat candidate and the first serious black Democrat for President. (I thought the first black President was husband of this first serious female, Democrat candidate ?) This is so confusing it could turn voters off.

Let it not happen! Let us not chance any news outlet dwelling on who is already serving in “the most ethical Congress in US history” as they like to be called. This could only damage our Democracy. (“Democracy” is the Democrat/Liberal term for Constitutional Republic, which is the form of government we actually have.

Dollar Bill’s criminal sentence, should he be convicted of these trumped up charges of stealing $10,000.00 of the $100,000.00 bribe money he took from the FBI on video tape, along with all the other trumped up charges, could garner him 235 years in prison. Wow, his sentence is almost as inflated as our US dollar bill – a coincidence you say?

Now back to our honest court system, Congress, and Presidential Primary. (Don’t you wish they had a poll on how many people think Dollar Bill is innocent? They could break it down by race and party affiliation.)

In the mean time, no pun intended, we voters will just have to be content to watch Hillary go after Obama’s self admitted drug problems through her willing surrogates such as Hillary co-chair Bill Shaheen, our former “First Hunk.” So much for the other issues, they will have to wait.

After the primary we can then settle down to the nightly news endlessly reporting the upcoming US financial collapse, historical rates of homelessness, contaminated food and water, evil Republicans who are secretly gay, unaffordable everything the government can buy you, and how much the rest of the world hates us. You know, the standard liberal issues.

I will be most interested in the new list of “Republicans for whoever the Democrat candidate is” full page ads in the Union Leader. That should occur about three days before the November election. I keep the old ones to match up with the most current list. All you need to is print over the “Republicans for Shaheen” which was plastered over with “Republicans for Lynch” which can easily be plastered over with “Republicans for Obama.”

Just kidding, it will be “Republicans for Hillary” because if Obama actually wins the primary the Democrat Super Delegates will hold a brokered convention and slip in the socialist moonbat they have groomed for 30 years.

This is my favorite part of the process.