Go Fish

The latest news is the same old news about New Hampshire Fish and game being broke. So what do you think we are going to do about it?

One suggestion, besides a saltwater fishing license, kayak permit, grabbing some rooms and meals taxes, or instituting a hiking fee is to change the name of the commission.

Here is one sample of a new name: The New Hampshire Fish and Wildlife Department. I don’t know, does this sound inspiring enough to gain any momentum and rake in the big bucks?

How about doing what we did recently with another unique New Hampshire entity – the Manchester Airport. Some genius thought that re-naming the Manchester Airport the Manchester Boston Regional Airport would improve its financial situation. The same name game was done in Fitchburg Ma. We must have one big happy family of airports now.

So does the New Hampshire Boston Regional Fish and Wildlife Department moniker have a tempting, outdoorsy feel to it enough to lure into our countryside people we can tax? It doesn’t get me excited but then every time I go to the Manchester Boston Regional Airport I think what a stupid thing it was to associate Boston with New Hampshire. But then I am kind of stodgy like that.

Without new revenue sources the only thing the poor Fish and Game Dept. can do is to try is either new taxes or new and exciting names (looking at cost savings?). Fishing license sales are dropping like a non-lead sinker since they became an expense you need a payday loan for.

I quit buying hunting licenses years ago and only get a fishing license when I take some youngster out to drown a few worms.

But then maybe the people looking at rescuing Fish and Game from bankruptcy aren’t considering overpriced licenses the problem. A spanking new name might just do the trick.