In The Distance I Hear A Train Whistle

Confusion reigns after reading through the Governor’s 2008 State Of The State address.

What ever happened to the word BIPARTISAN? How can the little fella fabricate a speech without his favorite word?

There was a whole lot of “I did this” and “we did that” but except for a small introduction of the House and Senate majority leaders – nada on his old pals in the GOP.

Ah but this is a good thing when you look at the train wreck in the making. You might say that Governor Lynch has some moonbats by their silky tails.

I have seen some of the new liberals who were elected in the anti-Iraq tidal wave of goodbye to small government. (It raises one question though. Why is it that Troskyites can never crank up the urge or ability to comb their hair? This is just an observation. It is why I get paid the big bucks to write this stuff.)

So maybe this is a good time to drop the bipartisan nonsense. This is a Democrat deficit after all and it was certainly caused by the Democrat’s state treasury hog trough over feeding. Make that a reckless 17.5% increase in any spending that was not funded by some federal program if you need details.

Left to their silly passions, the new liberal majority in Concord will do the same again this year and I do not think Governor Lynch has the guts to stop them. Governor Benson vetoed a budget he did not like. Governor John Lynch sat on his hands and watched this occur.

The trick for the Democrats will be to float some trial balloons of blame someone else to see if any will stick.

Good luck Governor Lynch. See you in about $200 million more dollars.