Wife Swap

I am going out on a limb here folks. I am making an offer you shouldn’t refuse.

This Wednesday, Jan. 29, ABC is airing a new episode in a reality program called “Wife Swap.” One of the Jack and Jill lumberjack competitor teams I know, Wally and Andrea Robarge, are “competitors.”

Wally Robarge is a shop teacher in upstate New York, his wife Andrea is his cross cut saw partner and competitor in her own right. The have three little boys.

I use the term “boys” loosely. They are more like a pack of mongooses. I have watched them growing up over the years at Timbersports events from Alabama to Wisconsin and points in between.

Wally told me he and Andrea were selected to be on this show, the film crew was with them eleven days, and that they were to swap with a family where the other wife is a burlesque dancer.

I don’t watch Wife Swap or any other major network shows but I will be tuned in for this event for one simple reason – the boys.

This year in Alabama, two of the three were facing off in your standard male sibling rivalry pattern – you know the one where two knee high’s spit in each other’s face at nose to nose range until one gives up. Well spit came to shove and they hit the dirt and started elbowing each other in a fashion the UFC would be proud of.

I was on our competitor’s deck with several other guys watching this unfold. We were laughing so hard we caught the attention of one of the smaller boys who stood up and stared at us like we were next. It was kind of creepy and hilarious at the same time. I hope to be retired form Timbersports before one of these kids hits six feet.

I asked Wally how this reality show handled this box of ferrets and he said they tended to egg them on a bit. So I assume it should be an interesting show.