Ron Paul 2008

As we close in on the end of another NH Primary I would say that Ron Paul is already a winner. He has shown in no uncertain terms that a man with ideas about FREEDOM can generate the millions of dollars needed to run a serious campaign for president.

I have watched many “lower tier” candidates who are not millionaires come here over the years without any real money and work hard for recognition only to have people say they will never win because they do not have the financial means to contact voters by mail, phone, radio, or TV. Ron Paul just blew that excuse out of the Republican Primary waters big time.

With the Democrats it will be different, as always, because they offer voters something for nothing like free healthcare, free college, a welfare state, and all the socialist bells and whistles. Ron Paul offers FREEDOM - as in personal responsibility.

The Republican insiders have to deal with the extraordinarily successful grassroots phenomenon. And it will only spur more like-minded candidates in the future.

Pat Buchanan showed that a man with no elected office or personal financial war chest could beat a sitting president in the NH Primary. I think that was the first shot across the bow.

Now we have Congressman Ron Paul and his supporters who are real, live residents of NH. They are not going away, from my knowledge of them.

But can they keep the inertia of this primary?

Ross Perot was a “candidate” who attracted some 19% of the primary vote only to be a spoiler and help elect the Arkansas Mafia. Perot did not have a grass roots base as Ron Paul has.

People in NH did not open their homes, raise money, make calls, and campaign for Ross Perot spontaneously and nudge him to run as happened with Ron Paul. Perot had a bank account, and insatiable ego, a dislike of the Bush’s, and a plan. He evaporated because there was no “there, there”. Good riddance.

Ron Paul is a sitting US Congressman who has bucked the Republican hierarchy all of his career, with this kind of grass roots activism and financial support the Republican Party has to deal with him – AND his new followers. If they play their cards right during and after this campaign they will get some of the change they want. It may be incremental but it will real.

The “CHANGE” Obama and the other Democrats campaign on means socialism. They can’t say it out loud.

Ron Paul can shout FREEDOM from the rooftops and now the powers that be can not ignore him.

I call that a win.