A Victim Of Fergustance

Opportunity knocks for Republicans.

Apparently the first step in rebuilding the NH Republican Party has been taken, and by what I have thought was an unexpected source – Republican Party Chairman Fergus Cullen.

I may have been wrong about Fergus when I thought he would divide the Party from its base. This may seal the deal for the Republican comeback.

The beneficiaries of Fergus doing the standup thing and telling Fox News that without US Congressman Duncan Hunter and Congressman Ron Paul in the upcoming debate the Republican Party under his leadership is a no go.

Fox News is in NH for a brief time to “report” on news. The Republican Party needs the support of the real New Hampshire voters who live here and who see Congressman Duncan Hunter as the legitimate candidate he is. He is a veteran, his son is in the service in Afghanistan. Congressman Ron Paul has the finances and support of tons of young, dedicated, aggressive supporters who are web savvy, and articulate.

Talk about big tents, now is the time to prove it and Fergus has.

After 2006 the Republican Party moved out of the office on North Main Street and into their new building down the road. The old Republican office is now the home of the Reagan Legacy group whose members are dedicated, longtime, grass roots Republicans trying to effect change in the Legislature one seat at a time. There are other conservative groups in NH with offices working the same way, independently.

I have always thought, and with pretty good cause, that the NH Republican Party cared about only four things, two US Senate seats and two US House seats, and the rest of the rabble could fend for scraps until needed to protect those four positions.

Fergus has just done the right thing by stepping away from the traditional way of doing business, smack dab in front of the people he had to do it for most. This action may just wind up being a dab of the glue that can bind the different groups together.