Huckabee The Day After Iowa

I went to the Huckabee rally at the college in Henniker Friday, the results:

  1. 30-35% press out of about 400 people there.
  2. Lots of 30 somethings with kids in tow.
  3. Huckabee is a humble guy who shares the stage and is a natural campaigner.
  4. The college kiddies appear to still be on Christmas break.
  5. 40 year old white men should not wear dreadlocks even if it is in a Mowhawk or wrapped in a beach towel.
  6. Chuck Norris’s wife is a hottie, Chuck is a sincere campaigner and was a big hit.
  7. The more I see of the media the less I like them.
  8. NH Senator Clegg has lost enough weight he will soon be able to borrow Mike Huckabee’s clothes.
  9. Nice event, family oriented, upbeat, fun.
  10. The libs roaming around were having a tough time keeping the smug look on their faces and not looking like sore thumbs.
  11. There was not a lot of “evangelical oppression” going on as some would like voters to believe.

My only suggestions to Mike Huckabee:

  1. If only for a few seconds just put the guitar behind your head and play a few notes like Jimi Hendrix and you will seal the deal.
  2. Don’t listen to professional campaign gurus. Be yourself its refreshing.