I predict I will be on my knees Tuesday evening praying Hillary will win the NH Primary by a large margin so she can go on to be the progressive/liberal/Democrat’s nominee in the general election.

Having predicted a month or so ago on this site,, Obama would win here in NH I still yearn for a Hillary/Shaheen/Lynch Democrat 2008 ticket in New Hampshire.

I think Obama will win the NH Primary because the NH Democrats depend on out of state student voters to be the tipping point in any statewide election, so a Democrat primary will have an over abundance of 19 and 20 somethings voting in an exciting primary like this whether resident liberals like it or not. The student vote has come back to bite Hillary because I believe most students, who were in grade school when her masher husband was president, have no ties that bind them to any Clinton.

But me – I do have ties to the Clintons and I want Hillary to make it to the finish line with as little disturbance as possible.

Hard core, left wing, serious Democrats want Hillary because she will be the one candidate who would rub it in the face of the Republicans who impeached their flawed hero, Bill.

But then reality sinks in.

Democrats are surging to the polls in this election cycle I hear. No wonder. We are all chanting about “CHANGE”. Even the “WAR” has dropped from the lips of the chanters in their frenzy to have it all, as in the House, Senate, and President’s office. They can taste victory. Every one is feeling dizzy with excitement.

The fly waiting in the ointment is the list of little details that will probably, most likely, sort of, have to be addressed in a general election.

Here is one.

How about when Americans come to realize what total Democrat control of the next Supreme Court appointments will be? You know at least three of the lefties will resign if that happens.

Who would the Democrats nominate? The short list that comes to my mind includes such dignitaries as Desmond Tu Tu, Dan Rather, or some beret wearer from Cesar Chavez’s Department of Agriculture. The possibilities are endless.

Talk radio will probably want to spend the next year describing Hillary’s “National Stand in Line for Health Care for Free Health Plan”. And if Hillary ducks news media, with their willing and eager support like when she ran for the US Senate in NY, her Republican opponent will have an unanswered field day on the national stage.

Hillary’s military prowess should take center stage during the run up to the general election as well. Talk about a mine field of poll and announce your plan, and poll and announce your plan, and poll and blame it on Republicans.

And then we have that soulless, screechy, nagging, chalk-on-slate voice. How on Earth do you dodge that?

Please New Hampshire – let this woman win.