Speaking Of Fox News

I was watching Fox News after the Iowa Caucus and the expert political panel was gabbing about the results.

There was stammering, stuttering, Fred Barnes and his stuttering, stammering, barely able to get his spin across partner, the Where’s Waldo fella with the glasses.

Another expert pundit was a regular named Juan Williams. He certainly was impressed with Mr. Obama. Mr. Williams is black, just in case you don’t watch Fox.

Juan Willaims was shocked and breathlessly pointing out the historical significance of Senator Obama winning in lily white Iowa!!!!!

In Juan Williams’s liberal mind all white people, especially ones in farm country, are bigots and would never vote for a black man. He repeated this astonishing out come several times.

Somebody get a new trick pony for Juan. He rode this one down to the stirrups.

Being a paid race monger panelist on a cable news show these days has lost its gravitas. Senator Obama proves it. Maybe news junkies don’t need the oppressed black perspective as much as they used to. Most of the voters who made Mr. Obama a US Senator were color blind as were the voters in Juan’s idea of a backwater, Iowa.

The only person at Fox News still hyped up and looking for a chance to expose racism seems to be Juan Williams. Can Fox News please get a token “somebody who knows something about the election” to replace Juan. Then we can send Juan out to a “not all white people are racists programming camp” where he can take a short rest.