37% Still Means 37 Out Of 100

I came home this evening after stopping by the Hillary Campaign HQ on Elm Street in Manchester – walked in the back door with the volunteers and grabbed a few souvenirs, then came home and turned on the TV to watch the primary results.

At 8 pm all the NH polls are closed and at about 12 minutes after that the networks announced the projected winner on the Republican side.

Wow that was quick. Why not just call Senator McCain, Mr. President. (It sounded like they were, did you get that feeling?)

The MSM theory on Senator McCain seems to go like this: Third in Iowa is a win, 37% in New Hampshire is a Tsunami.

I have a feeling if Senator McCain came in second in NH it would have been reported as a tidal wave, third would have been a landslide.

I have seen this show before and if I was a McCain supporter I would hold my breath until after some other primaries are finished. We let non-Republicans pick the Republican nominee in New Hampshire. Other states may not be so generous.  If memory serves me well Buchanan got about that percent when he won.

But it looks like my favorite Democrat/Socialist is hanging on. Go Hillary!

Romney has some life left in him and cash on him so he is not out.

Huckabee took third!

Guilani has a plan.

A few more primaries in a couple of diagonals of fly-over country and this can shake out for Republicans. The Ron Paul people should take a look at Huckabee if the good doctor bows out. I say this because I have heard it from one or two in conversations about candidates. But if Paul stays in keep pounding home the message.

As for me I have a $100 dollar bet with a liberal anti-Hillary teacher from Barrington that Hillary will be the man he has to vote for. I’m still cruising with that gamble.