Ifill My Purse With Journalism

Another glitch has erupted regarding the VP debate between Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, and that hair-plug model who has been in the US Senate way too long.

The moderator of this non-partisan debate, Gwen Ifill, has apparently written a book about her hero Barak Hussein Obama. The book is to go to stores on Obama’s inauguration day this January. Timing is everything in book sales.

Naturally, Gwen Ifill is proud of her chosen candidate, Barak Obama, and is sure that this time he, unlike Gore and Kerry, will win the US Presidency for the far left once and for all.

Book sales will certainly be enormous after the first black Jimmy Carter becomes deified as President of a country Obama’s wife Michelle can finally be proud of and help run.

Some folks are complaining Gwen fill has a conflict of interest in penning and selling a book about her hero while also being a moderator of the first vice presidential debate.

Sour grapes, I say.

If Governor Palin is going to agree to debate under the main stream media liberal fist of balance and fair play this what you have to expect. She is a big girl and should know the way the game is played.

Here is a list of Gwen Ifill’s street beat journalism cred:

PBS, NBC News, Meet The Press, The New York Times, Washington Post, Baltimore Evening Sun and Boston Herald American.

Here also is an Ifill quote from a PBS source: "I always knew I wanted to be a journalist, and my first love was newspapers," Ifill said. "But public broadcasting provides the best of both worlds-combining the depth of newspapering with the immediate impact of broadcast television." (How could she have known then her second love would be a smooth-talking community organizer from Chicago.)

Gwen Ifill, even without mentioning the moderator advantage, has the “best of both worlds” alright. Not to mention Ifill can pocket some serious “change” of her own using her current taxpayer funded gig at PBS as a base of operations. Add in the ability to help manage news to fit the profile of a god-like leader she believes her Obama is and you have a campaign-winning combination.

But can she handle Governor Palin?

ABC’s Charlie Gibson had to leave a lot on the cutting room floor to hold his own against Palin in his interview.

Katie Couric’s ratings are still dropping even with Governor Palin as her foil.

So during the VP debates Thursday, Gwen Ifill had better pony up some good shots at Sarah Palin and shut the other guy up when his mind and mouth begin to wander.

If Gwen Ifill doesn’t use the advantage and opportunity she has been given, this whole deal is a waste of time for the drive-by media.

Governor Palin just has to be herself.