Harold Janeway Wants A Piece Of Your Payday

Liberal State Senator Harold Janeway has offered a challenge to voters in Boscawen, Bradford, Canterbury, Deering, Henniker, Hillsboro, Loudon, Northfield, Salisbury, Warner, Weare and Webster, he wants to show all of New Hampshire that taxpayers are ready for an income tax or any other broad based tax he can get passed with his Democrat friends votes. (Hint: It will be the result of an economic crisis!)

Even though New Hampshire has had at least 3% in revenue growth to because NH doesn't rely on broad based taxes, Janeway and his liberal Democrat pals spent 17.5% more than that during this last budget cycle.

Several groups, The Josiah Bartlett Center, and the NH Center for Public Policy Studies, have predicted a looming budget shortfall of anywhere between $250 - $450 million dollars! Surprise.

And Janeway’s overspending has only created a desire to spend more. He just needs a new source to pry the money out of you and your family.

Harold Janeway is a successful, retired, finance wiz and has plenty of money to spend on his re-election campaign. Good for him! There is nothing like a rich guy showing all of us Joe six-packs how he can spend your tax dollars.

Imagine how many millions Harlod Janeway could have increased spending had he been able to get his hands on your weekly paycheck – assuming you still have one coming in.

Good old “Liberal Tax-and-Spend Rich Guy” Harold Janeway, when the economy is good he spends like a drunken sailor, and when the economy is bad he borrows and taxes even more.

I have seen political signs on Rt. 202 in Antrim that say something like: “Lynch/Janeway, keeping taxes low.”


Does Governor Lynch agree with Janeway’s income tax plans?