Palin's Legal Woes

I am always skeptical of investigations carried on by partisan politicians, but in this instance I was quite relieved when I read the results of the Governor Palin “Troopergate” scandal where it was alleged that Governor Palin abused her power as Governor when she fired a department head who was in charge of an out-of-control Alaskan State Trooper who had threatened her family and who had a long history of drunk driving, poaching, threatening, child abuse – as in tasering a son, and other actions that are sometimes frowned upon in people who can not be used in an effort to sabotage a conservative candidate.

The results are in and I am afraid are mixed.

The investigators found Governor Palin did not abuse her power as Governor.

Nor did she buy a home from Tony Rezko.

As far as we can tell, her minister does not condemn America to Hell from the pulpit.

Governor Palin was in fact born an American citizen.

She has no close personal friends who bombed the Pentagon or murdered police in Boston.

From their best guess she has accepted no illegal campaign funds.

And although rumors are still flying, there is no truth the story she represented ACORN as their lawyer or ever donated $800,000.00 to them.

She may have considered but in fact did not author any phony memoirs we know of.

Since Governor Palin has never resided in Chicago nor had pals there none of them were ever caught looting the teacher’s union pension.

It is possible she has a secret Arab middle name but even that can not be proven at this time.

Oh well, I guess I will still vote for her even though I am a Democrat.