The Most Ethical Congress In History

Like clockwork we have another dustup involving a congressman and his wayward private parts not always being where they are supposed to, then getting caught. It’s difficult to balance an important job such as being a US Congressman and still have some hands on relationships with all the office personnel. This time its opposite genders for a change, no pages, or prostitutes. Why it’s almost like a breath of fresh air.

West Palm Beach Democrat Congressman Tim Mahoney apparently has agreed to a $121,000 payment to a congressional staffer/mistress he fired and who was threatening to sue him.

Unlike Democrat Mahoney’s predecessor, Republican Mark Foley, who this Mahoney creep replaced, there is the possibility that sex actually occurred between Mahoney and his staffer. This would be evidenced by the somewhat substantial amount of money being tossed at the woman in an effort to keep her quiet. The $121,000.00 deal is said to include a $50,000.00 a year job at a company that handles Democrat Mahoney’s campaigns, so this is sort of a campaign funded roll in the hay once removed from the actual campaign checkbook.

This Mahoney-mistress-payoff seems like a good deal to me if you compare it to what Bill Clinton paid Paula Jones for simply pulling down his pants in front of her, groping her some, and biting her lip. I think that settlement was $850,000.00. We have all moved on with our lives since then as we set new standards for presidents and congressmen.

The big loser in the new set of standards for elected officials would be Congressman Foley who just two years ago RESIGNED his seat for sending sexually explicit emails to male staffers, none of whom were minors. The blinding media outrage went on for six weeks or so even after the resignation.

Republican Mark Foley had no place in this Pelosi Congress after all it is – The Most Ethical Congress in History.