Wrongway Janeway

Liberal tax and spend NH State Senator Harold Janeway is trying to have it both ways.

He wants to show you don’t have to take the anti-tax pledge to get elected”. Ah, but here is a quote from a recent Concord Monitor article:

“We have a revenue-raising problem that, by its nature, doesn’t keep up with expenses,” Janeway said. “I think that, at a minimum, it would be time to convene a high-level meeting to at least visit the issue” of new revenue sources.

“Doesn’t keep up with expenses”?

How many times have we heard this from a legislator over the last 30 years or so? And it always seems to be the well to do legislators that want to put a hand in your pocket or snip off a bit of your paycheck trough a sales or income tax.

Let’s take a look at Janeway’s other statement from the article.

He wants to prove, quote:

“I’m going to try to show that not taking the pledge is not political suicide,” he said.

Big deal, some of our best small government legislators don’t take The Pledge. It’s the brave ones that say what they intend to do.

Well how about showing your hand Senator, now that you and your Democrat friends raised spending 17.5% and borrowed for the first time in NH history to cover school and highway construction.

Why not have the guts to forgo this not taking The Pledge nonsense and tell us you are FOR a broad-based tax. That is what this “high level meeting” talk is really about. It is about taking some rich, well-to-do experts who can hide their income, as cover to say once again it’s finally time for broad based taxes.

There isn’t really any other way for a tax and spender to address the issue – and be honest.

Show some integrity and just come out, come out and say it:

I, Senator Harold Janeway, am finally, after adding $450 million to NH’s budget and borrowing millions more, am in favor of an income tax.