Ignore That Voter Behind The Curtain

Voter fraud is highlighting many discussions regarding this election as well as our pals at ACORN, the vote stealing organization Barack Obama funnels money to, worked for, and supported by being their attorney.

ACORN is an association of “community organizers” nationwide and gets taxpayer dollars to ply its trade. If this election is won by a slim margin Barack Obama will have his cohorts at ACORN to thank – and reward.

Recently, journalist Michelle Malkin reported on her blog an article from October 15, about a home in Ohio where some non-resident political activists used the property to vote in Ohio illegally. First reported by Shelby Holliday and Tiffany Wilson at the (link) www.Palestra.net website this home is subject of an investigation by the Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O’Brien.

At least this vote stealing scheme has a home at 2885 Brownlee Ave. in Columbus Ohio.

A similar vote stealing scheme in New Hampshire had NO home, just an imaginary place called 159 Bear Brook Road, Deerfield NH. Not only is there no Bear Brook Road in Deerfield NH. There is no 159 residence.

Oh but it had plenty of voters back in 2000 when CNHT started collecting evidence of NH voter fraud.

Voting from 159 Bear Brook Rd. we had:

Nathaniel R. Lengacher - of Ft. Wayne, Indiana

Elizabeth A. Buck - of South Bend, Indiana

Nicholas Peterson - of Boston, Ma.

Farlin Black - of Northampton Ma.

Nichole L. Siegrist - of parts unknown (opu)

Meredith J. Benson - opu

Christine A. Kelly - opu

Joseph M Gallagher - opu

Sean Kullman - opu

Now we don’t know much about these folks who voted in Deerfield NH in 2000 except they appear to have worked in the area for “Americorps”. This must be some sort of ACORN affiliate? It may be an affiliate of “Vote From Home” the organization helping non-residents vote in Ohio. So many organizations, so many vote stealing schemes.

This information from Deerfield NH and these names were handed over to the NH AG’s Office at the time, but as luck would have it for the residents of this non-resident, non-address, they were not prosecuted. That is how we handle voter fraud in NH. It seems to be the standard response to voter fraud here.

Ignore and excuse, excuse and ignore, that is how we keep our NH elections so squeaky clean. Why, if we do the same with arson fires in our state we could wipe out that crime in as well!

And did you know that almost every year we weaken NH election laws? We sure do! Add to that the constant vetoing of any form of voter identification by NH governors like Jeanne Shaheen, three times,and John Lynch, once so far, and there you have it.

NH doesn’t need ACORN to gin up the non-resident vote. They have plenty of help under the State House dome.

View the letter from one of 1,700 who committed fraud at this link:

Student Fraud