To Protect And Serve Themselves

On September 22 Joe Biden and the Obama campaign welcomed the endorsement of the National Association of Police Organizations. This esteemed group represents over 2,000 police organizations across the United States.

Obama sent stumbling Joe Biden out to grab the prize endorsement. Here is some of what he said while accepting the policeorganization endorsement:

“God forbid someone puts sarin gas into a basketball arena or a dirty bomb into a football stadium -- it’s going to be a local cop, it’s going to be one of your guys, it’s going to be one of your women,”

I guess someone in the police union community forgot to look up any info on Obama’s pal/neighbor/political supporter, Bill Ayers and his wife Bernadette Dorn some of the Weather Underground’s premier members.

In 1981 in Nyack, NY, the Weather Underground, Bill Ayers’ terrorist group executed an armored-car robbery which left two police officers—Officer Waverly Brown, Nyack’s first black police officer, and Sergeant Ed O’Grady—mortally wounded. The Brinks armored-car driver, Peter Paige, was also shot to death by the Weathermen with automatic weapons. His partner, Joe Trombino, was wounded in the gun battle.

A 1970 Weatherman pipe bomb in San Francisco killed another police officer and critically wounded yet another cop.

The Weather Underground participated in the bombings of the US Capital, the Pentagon and a State Department building.

Weathermen Cathy Wilkerson and Susan Saxe were part of the gang that shot Boston policeman Walter Schroeder in the back during a bank robbery in 1970. The officer had nine kids.

I wonder for whom the Schroeder children are voting? Funny you don’t see them endorsing any candidate.

Hey! Guess who belongs to the Obama endorsing National Association of Police Organizations? I looked it up on their web site.

Concord Police
Patrolmen's Association
P.O. Box 981
Concord, NH 03302-0981
(603) 568-8000

It’s a small world with short memories isn’t it?

If YOUR police organization wants to join the NAPO here is all it takes - no integrity is needed.

Pursuant to NAPO’s Bylaws, dues and assessments are as follows:

Section 1: There shall be minimum annual membership dues of $200.00.

Section 2: The annual membership dues for each member organization shall be based on the number of individual members belonging to such organization, applying the following formula:

a) 1 to 3,000 members - $3.50 per member per year.

b) 3,001 to 10,000 members – Subsection 2(a) plus $2.50 for each member over 3,000.

c) 10,001 to 15,000 members – Subsection 2(a) plus Subsection 2(b) plus $2.00 for each member over 10,000.

d) 15,001 or more members – Subsection 2(a) plus Subsection 2(b) plus Subsection 2(c) plus $1.25 for each member over 15,000.

e) The annual membership dues for members of all organizations of retired police officers shall be $2.25 per member. For the purpose of this Bylaw, retired police officers’ organizations must be comprised of at least 50% retiree members.

Additionally, there is an assessment to fund our various seminars and annual meetings as follows:

For groups up to 100 members $50 per event for a total of $100 per year; For groups over 100 members $100 per event for a total of $200 per year.

If you have any questions regarding the dues or application process, please contact NAPO immediately.

I have a question!

Does NAPO use any membership funds to help the families of officers slain by the Weather Underground?