And Now - My Third Phony Gun Flier From Obama

And here is why, according to a brand new Rasmussen poll.

“Nearly two-thirds of U.S. voters (63%) say Barack Obama is more likely than John McCain to restrict an individual’s right to own a gun, according to a new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey. Just 16% believe McCain is more likely to do so, and 22% are undecided. A plurality of Democrats (42%) agree that Obama is more likely to restrict gun rights, as do 84% of Republicans and 64% of unaffiliated voters.”

The latest phony “sportsmen” flier I received yesterday had a hunter sitting in a parking lot decked out in camo and blaze orange. The first was one which looked like a target complete with bullet holes. Both attacked McCain for not supporting conservation and being part of the Bush economy, you know, second amendment issues.

This most recent American Hunter and Shooters Association flier has a picture of what one would see looking down a scope, but inside it has TWO targets, one is McCain, the other is NH Senator John Sununu.

And of the four “Second Amendment” issues stated as reasons to vote against John Sununu and McCain, two are conservation and two are because he supported George Bush.

Talk about stuck on stupid.

But what are anti-gun nuts like Obama going to do? They have not a clue about Second Amendment rights and are trying to equate them with conservation and the economy?

Obama has enough money to set up a phony gun rights group but can’t make a valid case to Americans that as a left wing liberal he is NOT interested in gun confiscation.

Fifty years of liberal/progressive/socialist/communist attacks on gun rights have sunk in Barry!

Your greasy fliers will amount to squat.