My Second Fake "Sportsmen" For Obama Flier

Someone must be concerned the Second Amendment crowd is becoming aware of gun grabbing Obama's past because I am honored to receive my second flier from "The American Hunters and Shooters Association" a fake gun rights group covering for anti-gun ownership Obama.

Here is the short story.

Obama is a Chicago style politician who will say and do anything to get elected. He has always been anti-gun ownership and would if President be beholden to Chuck Schumer from New York, the top anti-second amendment US Senator we have. Pelosi and her ilk would rule the roost in Congress and Obama would have to submit to them on gun ownership issues.

For Obama's fake Second Amendment front group to think these silly fliers will make guns owners forget  the Second Amendment is about GUN OWNERSHIP in defense of citizens rights, not conservation and hunting is really foolish.

But then again Obama doesn't have a clue beyond his socialist/communist/progressive agenda, never has, never will.

Our liberal Democrat friends have been trying desperately to avoid any campaign talk about guns. To them it is a dead issue, don't bring it up, maybe it will go away.

That kind of thinking is all they have because everyone knows what Democrats think about The Second Amendment - its the FIRST amendment they would get rid of.