One Party Party

If you want to see an example of managed news, check out Massachusetts State Senator Diane Wilkerson and her recent arrest for bribery.


Here goes:


1. She is arrested last week by the feds in a sting operation for taking bribes amounting to $23,000.00 or so. The investigation goes back to 2007. The feds have released photos of her stuffing money in her bra.


2. Wilkerson LOST her Democrat primary but just before the arrest was running a “sticker” re-election campaign, what we call a write-in campaign in NH.


3. Wilkerson lost by less than 300 votes and has plenty of support still, even though she has decided to stop her sticker campaign after heavy lobbying from local clergy.


4. Many Democrat heavy hitters, the Boston Mayor and Mass. Governor, were supporting Senator Wilkerson with ads and cash before she lost the primary.


5. Now we hear the same politicians talking about ethics reform.


6. Some other big time Dems are mentioned in Wilkerson’s indictment.


Now when I first read about Massachusetts State Senator Diane Wilkerson caught taking bribes I thought it would be interesting to see WHO was paying off politicians in Mass.


But I wasn’t to find that out because it was a sting operation. So I kept reading all the articles I could find and even bought an Oct. 30, Boston Herald for photos.


This is really interesting. So far, I have seen no “perp walk” photo. WHAT! A sting arrest, pre-arrainged and planned out, but no one bothered to take a picture of Diane in cuffs? Come on. The feds released a photo from the sting itself! Since when don’t the feds snap a few hand-cuffed official photos for their trophy room.


And not in one story can I find any mention of the Republican opponent of the Democrat who beat Wilkerson in the primary. Wouldn’t it be worth mentioning that this might give that Republican an edge - nope, nothing.


The Herald and some other news outlets are leading readers to believe that Wilkerson might “sing” to the feds. I doubt that very much. In fact, I predict that the federal investigation will clear everyone else in any elected office in Massachusetts.


I put my money on this well timed “sting” being nothing more than an effort to stop Wilkerson’s sticker campaign from draining enough votes from the Democrat in the race to ensure a Republican win because that would really be ethics reform in the Massachusetts Senate.


Hold a sting arrest from a 2007 set-up where a well known politician takes cash and make the arrest a week before the election?


Come on we’re not that gullible, are we?