Zeituni, Manicotti, Rigatoni – Which One Of These Doesn’t Belong

If you guessed Zeituni you would be correct because Zeituni is Barack Hussien Obama’s illegal alien aunt living in a Boston slum without receiving much of the shared wealth we hear Obama talk so much about. I mean not the Obama “family” wealth that is.


Aunt Zeituni certainly shares some taxpayer wealth. With the Obama “95% of Americans get a tax break plan” Aunt Zeituni will probably be a little better off. Come to think of it, she may be able to make a donation to the Obama for President Campaign larger than the $260 bucks she donated this time.


My God you can’t make this stuff up!!!!


I hereby renounce my opposition to the election of communist Barack Obama to the Presidency of the United States in order to continue this slow bloodletting of how the Left in America really behaves in their personal lives, and of course who protects and supports it.


America needs to take a good four-year look at what the Liberal Left has offered up for President, and most of all, what the main stream media has unflinchingly protected and nourished since the decision to sell this communist standard-bearer of the Democrat Party as material qualified to be President of the United States.