Let us compare our NH self-made budget “crisis” with the US financial collapse we are currently supporting with an $8 billion or so taxpayer IOU life-support bailout. The debt shoveled onto American taxpayers to bail out banks that sold bundled Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac mortgages, which anyone with a brain knew were never going to be paid back, as assets is more than can be sustained in the real world. This real world consists of another Ponzi scheme known as Social Security, which comes to a screeching halt in about 2018 when it pays out more than it takes in.


Our Democrat Congress of Pelosi, Reid, Rangel and Frank have a self-created crisis of epic proportions to exploit in the name of larger government. Good for them. It is what they have worked for all their political careers. All they have to do is BORROW us into submission.


The socialist Democrats in Congress will blame their takeover of the mortgage industry, lending industry, car industry, or any other group looking for a handout on the failure of capitalism.


Tax and spend and elect Democrats will have more power to wield from DC as more entities take the money. Anyone who wants a handout will support them, donate to their campaigns, write glowing news stories about them, whatever keeps the money/power machine grinding along.


Here in NH our tax and spend Democrat majority is doing the same thing but coming from a different angle.


Our NH liberals are hell bent on SPENDING NH into an irretrievable debt which only more taxes, preferably in the form of broad-based taxes sent to their power base in Concord, can get us out of. It is more of a risky endeavor in NH since the governor wants a career framing him as a frugal master of our state budget – which is laughable to say the least.


But facts are still facts.


Under the fresh new Democrat approach to the 2008-9 $10.3 billion budget, the General Fund, the part that comes out of NH taxpayers pockets, $4.8 billion, increased by 17.5%. That is the largest increase in twenty years.


You will hear tax and spend moonbat legislators claim the budget only went up 11%. Sure, if you add in all the federal money we spend. It’s like the dropout rate in a school being arrived at by adding ALL students, including pre-school and kindergarten, rather than just the high school alone. Pad the total - lower the final figure, like the 11% is a sensible increase in itself.


Speaking of padding a budget.

The new Democrat approach to NH State Budgets allows for inventing revenue which everyone knows will never appear so as to offset the 17.5% spending spree. Oh the pent up desire to do good things with other people’s money. It was just too much for our NH libs left out in the cold for so long. They dove at the chance to spend like a big bass goes for a fat worm.


Now the moonbat job in NH is to try, by any means possible, to get voters to believe this NH SPENDING DEFICIT is the result of a bad national economy.


You know, the national Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac socialist experiment in giving mortgages to people who can not pay them back may off in a big way for NH Democrats if they can make this lie stick.


So I ask you NH taxpayers.


When is the last time a moonbat told you the truth?