Some information about the terrorist attacks in India you may not get in the press right now:


My wife Debbie is a flight attendant and her company has flights into Mumbai. The flights originate out of Atlanta where she is based.


The Atlanta flights to Mumbai started November 1, so she has a schedule and has looked at those flights as part of her job. We have in the recent past talked about places she would or would not travel to as part of her employment and were never really interested in Mumbai.


That being said it is interesting to me that a target of the terrorists was a hotel her company contracts with for a set of rooms, at least 15, for rotating employees.


I think that if the terrorists who attacked so many locations at once in India were working with anyone involved with any hotel or had a way of knowing what rooms were contracted by any American firms it would show how sophisticated an operation it was. So far the news is terrorists were asking for passports of Americans and Brits.


From what my wife can tell looking at news reports and a company schedule, the incoming crew who would have been on their way to their rooms from the airport and may not have been there when the bombs exploded. The outgoing crew, from what we can discern had already left.


As we get details of this attack it may help to factor this type of information in, especially for people who travel internationally.


As a side note: my wife was headed to Boston to go to work on September 11, 2001 just hours after the hijacked planes leaving there had left.


Small, dangerous world.