By The Way

Let me see.

Yesterday about 6 am Feds arrested Democrat Governor Rod Blagovevich at his home and held the news for several hours. I heard about 9 am.

By 10:36 I had a blog up asking some simple questions regarding the transcripts of the indictment I had seen.

The Bagojevich phone calls about selling the US Senate Seat of Messiah Obama include all kinds of scenarios where Obama's people could have had a part in the standard Chicago political deal.

Obam election Guru's, Axelrod and Congressman Emanuel, have both started back-tracking on public statements they made about the disposition of the Messiahs US Senate Seat. Next to The Messiah and Herself, Axelrod and Rahm Emanuel could easily be seen as two of America's smartest people. They are as left as left can be and we all know being ultra liberal comes with a totally like high IQ.

So now my question:

Where are the progressive bloggers???????????????????

What, you libs can not find your voices today, a whole news cycle from the cataclysim? Are you waiting for a starter pistol to go off so you can make these predictable excuses:

!. Everybody does it.

2. Let all the facts come in first.

3. Think of his children.

4. You can't prove anything.

5. Democrats are innocent until proven guilty - then it was a Republican plot by Karl Rove.

6. So what, who cares.

7. Obama didn't even know Governor Blagojevich, or William Ayers, or Tony Rezko, or his own minister.

8. Unbeknown to most, Obama was part of the FBI sting and had actually set up Blagojevich so he could clean up Chicago as he assumes the mantle of Messiah of the World he intends to CHANGE.